You're not drinking one year's vintage

You’re drinking 30 years of Forrest.

Forrest Wines

Quintessential Marlborough
Everything that is good about Marlborough
is encapsulated in this range of wines.
Fresh, flavourful and pristine with a strong
sense of place, these wines express the
best both grape variety and region has to offer.


The Doctors'
Innovation Through Excellence.
Named after Drs John and Brigid Forrest, The Doctors’ range is about innovation and excellence.
New grape varieties, alternative winemaking techniques and select parcels of fruit all qualify to create very special wines under this unique label.


Otago, New Zealand, a region rich in stunning alpine landscapes and warming summer sunshine. Otago is steeped in early New Zealand history and our ‘TattyBogler’ (Scottish scarecrow) shown on the label of our wines pays homage to the Scottish settlers of the region, pioneers who braved the harsh environment to carve a living from the land.




A collection of ultra premium wines with great integrity and purity of flavour, which clearly reflect their sense of place. This collection is about the continuous quest to capture the best of the land, the vines and vintage has to offer from throuhgout New Zealand.

 “Making wine is a very personal endeavour, yet one winemakers love to share. For me, winemaking combines my exuberant personality and scientist’s love of experimentation with a continuous quest to capture the best the land, the vines and vintage has to offer. I am proud to share these wines with you.”  

Dr John Forrest









Beth, John, Brigid, Sam and Reid


Reid, John, Beth, Sam and Brigid


John & Brigid

Renwick Cellar Door Inauguration


John and Brigid